Nancy Boyle, Art, is an art marketplace where you can shop for high-quality art reproductions on a variety of products for your home, friends and family. Contact the artist for a studio visit in Massachusetts and about purchasing original art.

Designed from hand-made original art. You will be buying directly from the artist herself.

About Nancy Boyle

Nancy Boyle is a traditionally trained artist who explores a variety of mediums to express her visual ideas.

She grew up in Boston with the influence of family artists who studied and taught art in Boston.

Her landscape sketches and paintings are inspired by New England as well as her studies of Asian art history, time spent living in coastal Alaska, and travels to Europe and Israel.

The cubist influence comes from an interest in modern art including that of Braque and Picasso.

The animal character illustrations tell stories and create an imaginary world.

She lives in Wayland, Mass, USA and has her art studio in the Natick Mall. Visitors welcome.