Animal Characters with a Message

Nellenby has a range of interesting animal characters. Some of them with messages to offer guidance. 

4 Animal Characters of Nellenby

Here is a little about each character

Mr. Lion, Esquire

Mr. Lion is an animal character in Nellenby. His neighbors revere him as a wise, sage, and brave leader. His nickname is ‘Sir Lion’, a knighthood bestowed by his adoring friends. He practices law and helps all who seek him out, particularly those who are vulnerable. He is an able cook and is often found in the company of Ms Pig, or Madame Cochon as she prefers to be called as a former native of Paris. He advises “Steady On” which means to stay the course and be calm in difficult times.  

Mr Lion Steady On

Ms Raccoon

Ms Raccoon is an animal character in Nellenby. She is a single gal, smart, savvy and to the point. She has a lovely, rose covered cottage on the edge of Nellenby and enjoys friends who bring her snacks. She eats constantly but manages to stay thin. Maybe it's the constant activity or her raccoon genes. She offers advice "Masks On". Use these stickers and magnets for a fun reminder to wear a mask.

Ms Raccoon

Mr Pig

Mr. Pig is an animal character in Nellenby. He loves to talk and will converse on almost any subject (except literature). He has an enormous appetite and loves pub food and craft beers. His skills in the kitchen are improving as he needs to cook more for himself during the pandemic. He is a huge fan of Guy Fieri who has yet to visit any pubs in Nellenby. Mr. Pig doesn’t realize how cute he really is. He is an easy going sort of chap fond of pubs and beer and often says “Cheers Mate” as a reminder to keep a positive attitude despite life's challenges.

Mr Pig - Cheers Mate

Mrs. Rabbit

Mrs Rabbit is an animal character in Nellenby. She is a fine seamstress and creates elaborate Victorian style tops and dresses for the locals. Ms Giraffe is a frequent customer in her dress shop. An entrepreneur from a young age she has a reputation for jumping from one project to another. Fortunately, her husband Jack, gives her plenty of space as he is usually in his vast garden thinning carrots. She is a believer in the slogan ‘Carry On’ in good times or bad. Useful as a reminder to not give up but carry on through life’s challenges.

Mrs Rabbit - Carry On


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